According to the chinese dailies, Miss Xu took an Uber ride fropm Pasir Ris to Toa Payoh on 15 December at around 3pm. As soon as she boarded, she smell the smell of McDonalds Fast food.

Throughout the 20 minute journey, the driver used his left hand to hold a box of curry sauce while he used his right hand to pick his fries and nuggets. He only held on to his steering wheel with his pinky finger.

Miss Xu was frightened during the whole journey as she found his actions very reckless and if an incident were to occur, the Uber driver would not be able to react on time. As she was afraid, she did not confront the driver but took a video and lodged a complaint with Uber.

She added that at certain parts of the journey, some curry sauce dripped onto the driver’s clothes and he took both hands off the wheel to grab tissue to clean up.

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