The 53-year-old man who was arrested in relation to the carnage on the AYE this morning could have been depressed.

It was reported that at around 8am this morning (Dec 19), a Mercedes driver went against the flow of traffic at about 120km/h and caused the death of one driver while injuring another four persons. Six vehicles were wrecked during the accident and parts of the walls on the AYE were also damaged.

It was believed the suspect was driving on the left lane of the AYE and had u-turned to the extreme right lane. His son, who was in his 20s, was on board the car with him when the accident happened.

Netizen Teo Bay Pio posted a photo on Facebook showing a man clad in blue shirt who is believed to be the suspect. He was accompanied by a man dressed in white who the netizen said is the driver’s son.

Another netizen Nurul Zaidy who was at the scene confronted the duo and was told by the Mercedes driver’s son that his father was suffering from depression.

The Mercedes driver has been arrested for a Rash Act Causing Death which carries an imprisonment term that may extend to 5 years, or shall also be liable to fine, or both.

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