A reader shared his unpleasant encounter with Tampines Town Council lift maintenance after his wife and his 80 year-old mother were forced to do stairs climbing to reach their 8th storey home.

Read his complaint letter here.

Dear Town council tampines,

I am Mr cloud, resident of blk ××× tampines st×× #xx-××. I am writing to feedback about my family’s unpleasant experience today and i have also experience a rude reply from the lift servicing worker as well.

Well 1st thing first, my wife have to climb 8 storeys to reach our unit as both lifts are down for maintenance works after sending my child to childcare centre. Secondly my 80yr old mother have to climb 8 storeys as well after visiting the supermarket.

Lastly, after being informed by my wife, i reached out to the lift maintenance worker servicing the lift at xxx tampines xx, i told him in english that i will complain to town council if he did not complete servicing the lift by today and why did he need to take more than 4hrs to service both lifts at blk xxx? Why dont service them after office hours like 12pm? He reply in mandarin, 我不知道你在说什么, and i repeated what i have said earlier to him in mandarin and he kept quiet this time..i believe he is a PRC national.

It is really an unpleasant experience to climb 8 storey high in todays’ sweltering heat of 34 degree celsius! After sweating like crazy i have to go to work while catching my breath to compose myself…it is indeed a very very nasty experience.

I feel in order not to let such unpleasant incident to occur to anyone, i would like to suggest to Town council only to allow lift servicing works to commence after midnight.

Yours sincerely
MR cloud

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