The Workers’ Party held a final Extraordinary Organising Members’ meeting, and a small farewell party at their humble, historic office in Syed Alwi Road today. The party will be moving to a new address likely in the north-east of Singapore, where WP strongholds Aljunied and Hougang are situated.

Lee Li Lian, former WP MP for Punggol East, wrote a touching memorial post describing her experience and memories in the old Syed Alwi Road WP office.

“Bye Syed Alwi Road and thank you.

I joined the Workers’ Party in June 2006. It has been a good 10 years. My first encounter with the humble office in Syed Alwi Road was the party’s open house post GE2006. I spoke with Shin Leong and that same week I became a member.

This office has seen us through GE2006, 2011, 2015, BE2012 and 2013. I can still remember the day I was first introduced as a WP candidate in 2011. The small office in the room offered us a place to cool down and practice our speeches. The main hall was where all the activities took place.

Last night we held a special meeting at the party’s HQ. I will miss the food, the events and memories that took place and particularly for me, the close vicinity to my house. Before we left the place last night, countless pictures were taken. From TOP: WP Youth Wing, last group picture in our rented premises and ladies present 🙂

Thank you Syed Alwi Road and thank you for serving us well all these years. With that, we move on to the next chapter of The Workers’ Party history, a new premise.
#wpsg #wphistory #syedalwiroad #wp60”

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