Dear Editor,

I brought my son to consult a polyclinic doctor on Tuesday, 13 December. The doctor then gave us a referral letter to KK hospital A & E department for a non emergency appointment. Armed with the referral letter, I then took him to KK hospital A & E department the next day afternoon for non-emergency treatment. When I register my son for the consultation, I was shocked when I was told to pay $109 for the doctor consultation fee under the same rate as an emergency case or walk-in case even though I told the staff there that my son was under polyclinic doctor referral letter, under non-emergency case and a CHAS member. The staff was polite to reply that no difference, the same rate applies.

I was more furious to learn that even the same rate of $109 applies to PR (permanent residents) children as well. Nothing against the PR but in this case it is so sad citizen is just a number.

To add salt to the wound, I got to pay $8.99 for less than 3 hours of parking there for my rental car. I went in about 3.20pm and came out at 6.01pm. The parking rate is 0.043 per minute. After 6pm is $2.20 per entry. I believe I was charged the 6pm per entry as well. That is very unreasonable charging. Do we have a choice ? Please tell me about it. Thanks.

A Frustrated Citizen
A.S.S Contributor

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