Dear Mummies,

I would like to bring to all of your kind attention to be extremely careful when using the escalator going up from takashimaya (outside of the talking hall, near the dbs and uob atm machine beside the florist shop).

Today I had a bad encountered whereby I went up the escalator with my baby, mother and helper, I walked faster and was ahead of them and halfway through the escalator I heard loud scream from my mum shouting that the escalator got problem is going backwards instead of upwards and my helper was standing behind my mum and due to both of them were holding to the hand railing of the escalator.

In fact it was the hand railing suddenly going backwards direction instead of upwards it causes my mum to lose her balance and fall back to my helper n my helper also cannot hold her balance as she was holding still to the hand railing and is still moving backwards ended up my helper fall and for 30 secs she had a seizure and she was unconscious for few mins and when we wake her up she was just staring blankly and couldn’t response to us couldn’t talk to us at all.

Now after the CT scan she have bone fractures on her neck and we are still not sure whether does she needs an operation and whether what is the total hospital bill.

I wanted to demand compensation from takashimaya for this escalator issue yet they claim the escalator belongs to Ngee Ann city and when I call Ngee Ann city security guy and they told me is not them so I am being push to and back and thus now I am really tramautised and lost of what to do and react. Do really take note and best to avoid this escalator for your safety. Below is my helper situation.

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