Hi Sir,

I feel that this guy must expose in order to protect others people property is not abuse by him.
The above red house property is under my husband name – Gurpreet

Below is the info how we rented out our unit.
Our unit is rented out to Daybook Pte Ltd dated 30 Aug 2016 where there are 3 partners.
After they separated and closed down the company at Nov 2016, one of the partner took over my unit and resign under his name (Lu YM).
My tenancy at (6K) stated no sublet is allow and Airbnb is not legal in Singapore under URA.
They have been doing it since day one they have rented my properties.
There is almost lots of different people walk into our my apartments and last week a group of 20 students is having party in my rented out apartment.
I have question him when the bldg mgmt question me and Mr Lu told me he have let his relative come to his house to stay.
After getting info from Red House mgmt, i stepped in yesterday to talk to the person who temporary occupy my condo that is Huy and he rent it under airbnb which i have attached the email from him.
I manage to get hold of my property today and change the locks.
Just need to careful when somebody told you he need to rent you apartments for to stay as the office is nearby and sometimes his client will stay inside.
That’s give him a reason to sublet it out with reason.



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