Dear A.S.S,

I made a grabcar booking on 02/12/2016 at about 2.50am pickup location was from Sengkang sports centre McDonald’s. The fare on the app showed $13, driver’s name Tan KM SGY4XX7Z, after the confirmation I waited by the roadside for the driver to come. The app shows that he’s 7-8 mins away from me. 2 mins later, he send me a text ‘l’m here’ but there’s no sight of his vehicle. From the app his vehicle is still 3mins away and travelling towards me. Upon arrival at my destination, he told me the fare is $18 instead of $13. When I questioned why is that so? He just replied it’s all stated in the receipt just see from there. I was confused, but I still exited his car.

I called grab customer service later at about 4.14am to enquire about why I was being overcharged, they are very unprofessional. the first thing the customer service asked was, ‘did you make the driver wait?’ I replied no, I was waiting for him to come. and second thing she told me was ‘it could be some surcharge like ERP’ after all the questions asked, she told me she’ll get another department to handle this case and they’ll get back to me in 2-3 days. I waited and waited. Apparently it’s all lips service. So I had to call them again on 08/12/2016 this time round I had to repeat what happen again to the customer service, she told me she’ll call the driver straight and get back to me. She called me 10mins later and said she has spoken to the driver and the driver have admitted to overcharging me for that trip. I was so pissed off, if she can call the driver straight to verify. Why did her other colleagues not handle the case the same way she did? She also mentioned that she have educated the driver that it’s wrong to add the whatever charges. As for the refunding part, she said their accounts department will contact me. Till today I’m still waiting for them to call.

Don’t Grab educate their drivers before putting them on the road? I wondered how many of the other commuters suffered the same problem be it known or unknown. Dear all, please always double check how much you’re charge.

A.S.S Contributor

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