A reader came across this explicit post on NUS Whispers, which complained about the lack of manhood size for Chinese Singaporean men.

The girl, who is anonymous, spoke not so discreetly about her sexual experience with a German exchange student, and said that she very much prefers Caucasian men now after that. She even goes on Tinder to seek out exclusively Caucasian men for her night time activities.

Read her full post here.

“To all those girls out there who are unsatisfied with their partner’s size “down there”:

Based on my anecdotal evidence, I can confirm most Chinese Singaporean guys are damn small. I never realized how small until I had a ONS with this German exchange student right before exams. It was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life and his tool was larger than I’d ever experienced. And I’ve had my fair share of experiences, trust me.

It was like putting on my glasses for the first time. I never really understood my vision was blurry until I saw clearly for the first time. It was the same in this instance. I never understood how lackluster my sex life was until I tried and angmor. I thought maybe this was a coincidence. Maybe it’s just this one guy. Maybe he’s just a sex god. But after he got on his plane I was left wanting more, so I turned to Tinder, hoping to fill the gaping void left behind in my most basal core.

My first match happened to be another angmor. I was keen to compare. This one also didn’t let me down. Smaller than the German student but much larger than any Chinese man I’d ever been with. I didn’t manage to get much sleep that night. Or ever since, really.

I used to think that whole thing was a horribly offensive myth, but I’ve been proven wrong.

PS why doesn’t Singapore have any black men?”

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