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Just last week before my POP on the last night of our stay in Tekong, my buddy asked me to go to the toilet at 2am. He took an awfully Long piss so I was outside of the toilet looking out at the scenery. When he came out, I went to the water cooler right behind me and he looked at the view too. The next day, day of our 24km he fell really sick, high fever.

Then he asked me if I saw anything the previous night. I went like wtf what? He ended up falling out and missing the 24K, didn’t explain what he saw until after the POP the next day. He said he saw two black figures by the cook house, couldn’t see faces cuz it was really dim and dark and the figures didn’t move at all. No shit I was looking at the exact same thing but I’m sorta Glad I didn’t see anything.

From School 4, one of the companies facing the cookhouse.

Another phenomenon – none of our clocks in the entire coyline work. Tried replacing batteries and it dies immediately, gets rejected when we ask for new clocks cuz we ‘have watches to keep track of time’. Some bunks have their clocks working occasionally in the day time and goes off by few hours at night. The company office clock was fixed at one point but went dead again after few days. We had notes left behind by previous recruits warning us to not mess with the clocks. Never had any explanation from the sergeants officers.

I wonder if ghosts really do exist.

A.S.S. Contributor

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