Dear Editors,

I owned a shop in Parklane Shopping Centre in town doing retail business. Recently there are more and more vice establishments are being set up in this mall, attracting all the wrong crowd affecting real proper businesses like mine. In the past, most of these vice establishments are on the upper floors but since the start of this year, 2 new vice establishments had been set up on the 2nd floor in high human traffic areas.

I have customers highlighting to me how uncomfortable they feel when walking past these shops, especially when the ladies in these shops try to get them in. I’ve personally seen these ladies stopping guys in the corridor and pulling them into such shops.

I did my own observations around the building. The building management installed CCTVs near or outside all these vice establishments except one particular vice establishment on 2nd floor. It is a Slimming Centre located near the exit leading to the connector to Peace Centre. Although it’s registered as a slimming centre, the two PRC ladies manning the 2 shops offered massage with happy endings as I was proposed before and in no way are they offering real proper slimming services.

I’m curious why the building management never install any CCTV outside this particular vice establishment while all the other vice establishments have CCTVs installed outside. Is this done intentionally and is this shop given “special treatment” by the building management? Is the building management encouraging vice activities to flourish in this building by not installing CCTV to monitor the activities and going ons of this shop?

Shouldn’t the building management install CCTV outside this vice establishment, like what they did to the rest of the vice establishments in this mall, to monitor the activities of this vice establishment and worked closely with the police and relevant authorities to eradicate such illegal activities from happening in this mall?

Very Perturbed Business Owner
A.S.S. Contributor

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