32-year-old Jaimah Hapit Said was sentenced to 40 months jail for gagging, strangling and threatening her employer’s elderly mother and robbing her of cash and jewellery worth $9,400 on 26 September this year.

She received an additional six weeks jail in lieu of caning because women cannot be caned. The minimum sentence for robbery includes 6 strokes of the cane.

Jaimah was alone with her employer’s mother on 26 September this when she suddenly grabbed the elderly victim’s right hand, pushed her onto a bed and placed a towel in her mouth. She demanded money from the victim, who repeatedly told her she would give in to her demands.

She forced the cowering elderly woman to sit in the corner and tried to choke her. After she stopped, she told the victim to get cash for her and the victim gave her over $3,600.

The maid then forced the old woman to stay in the room and warned her not to shout for help. She took away the telephone and the victim’s cell phone.

When walking to the kitchen, Jaimah adjusted the CCTV in the living room so it could not capture her movements, took bread, water and a knife from the kitchen.

She went back to the room, gave the victim the bread and water, and warned her not to leave the room for at least half an hour or she would stab her.

Jaimah proceeded to turn the house inside out, taking over $5000 worth of jewellery. She tried to look for her passport but could not find it, and left after disconnecting all the phone lines.

Jaimah was arrested three days later when she sought help from the Indonesian Embassy.

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