Worst mother fucking grab driver I’ve ever experienced. The moment I pressed “book”, he immediately replied “I’m here”. So my fiancé and I started taking our belongings (roller blades etc) and hurrying down.

As I was on the way down, he called and responded rudely “it’s been 5 minutes, Do you know there is a $3 extra for waiting time?!” I replied “I am downstairs already” as I was running towards the vehicle.

The moment I entered, his face was black and laolan AF, then say do you know there is a $3 for 5 mins waiting time? I replied “no and started arguing with him saying I saw him a few blocks away according to the map” he said “you cannot trust the map!”

Never mind, I cancelled the booking and said “nvm, sibei laolan as I exited the vehicle”

He drove off but he reversed and came out, looked at his car and said “eh you scratched my car” and started videoing me. I replied I didn’t have so much time to scratch his car and stroke a pose for him to snap a photo.

Look at the photo, where is the scratch? Please la, cannot earn money then wanna accuse people scratching your shitty looking car?

LIM CHUN PING, you’re a disgrace you piece of garbage.

PUI. You just changed the whole perception of me taking grabcar. press book Alr immediately expect me to be there, you want us to jump down is it. Share it around people, trend this cow-dung face

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