4 Singaporean undergraduates, aged 20 to 25, were arrested by Taiwanese police after a wild night, in which the 4 men allegedly participated in the rape of 2 drunk Taiwanese women.

The 4 young men had gone to Taipei’s notorious nightclubs for a night of fun, and ended up picking up two drunk Taiwanese women and bringing them back to their residence. They took turns sexually assaulting the women throughout the night before being caught by local police the next morning as they were preparing to depart for Singapore on Monday.

The 2 female victims had reported the men to the police after they woke up and fled the apartment. They told officers that they had been forced to have sex against their will.

All 4 men have denied committing sexual assault. The victims claim that they were forcibly raped by each of the men, who took turns to assault them.

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