Here’s a response to this article

This is a response to a straits times letter “Stem spread of tattooing trend in Singapore”

Firstly find this article extremely disturbing on multiple fronts. The writer seemed to not understand how society becoming more open is a good thing.

To quote:

“In the past, tattoos were associated with triads, gangsters and shady characters. They normally belonged to the underclass and outcasts. This is why society in general is disapproving of them”

Well right now in 2016 tattoos are being associated with art and self expression, getting a good tattoo isn’t cheap. Instead of shady characters getting tattoos we not have fashion icons and celebrities getting inked. I also find their use of the words “underclass and outcast” disturbing because it displays a lack of empathy and it stereotypes people with tattoos as lower class.

To be fair the writer did say “in the past” so i think we should be grateful that society is moving forward and learning not to be so judgemental.


“Also, we should take good care of our bodies. Sadly, this advice is not heeded by many in the young generation.”

Do you know the effort required to take care of your tattoos and other body modifications? My body is a temple and all good temples deserve great artwork. How does someone getting a tattoo equate to not taking care of their body?

“They have no qualms about permanently “scarring” their bodies with designs and text.”

No they don’t because it is their body, their choice.


“This trend should be discouraged. A wiser method would be to switch to temporary tattoos.

When the novelty wears off later in life, these youngsters can elect to remove the temporary tattoos fairly easily and painlessly, rather than regret and go through the painful process of erasing permanent ones.”

If you want to get temporary tattoos thats your choice but please respect that some people want something permanent and they have their own reasons for doing so.

Maybe they had a love one that passed away and they want something to remember they by? Maybe they went through a traumatic experience and need something to remind them that they lived through it? Or maybe people just want ink because it looks nice?

Also yes some people might want to remove their tattoos and that is also their choice, i think we should leave it up to them because what people do with their own bodies is their issue.

For a country that boast “regardless or race language or religion” this letter by Joe Teo Kok Seah seems very judgemental.

If we want a more inclusive singapore that would be relevant in the 21th century we need to learn to look past peoples skin.

Every tattoo has a story and a singapore is starting to open up as millenials become bosses they tend to hire people based on their ability instead of what is on their skin.

We should stem the spread of stereotyping and judging people based on looks instead of giving in to prejudice and discriminating people with tattoos.

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