A crew of contractors that has been working in our neighbourhood for over a year, on their last day before moving to a project in Woodlands.

Muthukumargu, Palani, Rafiq, Ripon, Mokshed, Chandrakumar, Saravanan (not pictured), Gunasekaran (not pictured) and Salim (not pictured) – I admit it sounds totally strange, but these guys will be missed. It took me a while not to balk at being called ‘Aunty’ by a few of these cheeky fellows. But it took much less time for my kids to get used to seeing them on the way to school, to be teased ‘Boss! Where you going boss?’, to edge near their working equipment then back away quickly (older bro) or attempt to scale it (younger bro).

It doesn’t take much to smile at the workers in your neighbourhood and ask them how they’re doing. And yes, totally selfishly, it does feel nice to be greeted with a simple wave or smile every day – it goes both ways!

Photo credit: Leslie Lim

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