My allowance is 3GB. I had 2.8Gb used and Mobile data switched off after that. I switched it ON during the outage and switched it off immediately after the Internet started working. I fear that the Broadband must have come on sometime in the night while I was sleeping and SingTel must have switched off the counter as soon as they reestablished my Modem’s connection.

In the morning when I woke up I saw that Broadband was ON again and moved back to it and kept mobile data switched off till end of plan date. I have another office phone so dont need to use data on Thai mobile. I have been charged for 3.0681GB. I.e. 68MB above the limit and 10$ for that. They are a real scumbag.

When others asked if the complainant tried calling in to 1688, he replied:

“I tried. They say I have exceeded my usage. I asked them for a record of my usage day wise. Cannot give.

I asked about the waiver of outage days, she said system puts it automatically. I’ve asked for a waiver and she said, “she will check with manager and get back.”

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