Many Singaporeans think that it’s a bit of a stretch to call Singapore a dictatorship.

1) Elections department controlled by prime minister’s office leading to gerrymandering and measures like the NCMP, GRC system and cooling-off day that keeps elections unfair

2) All non-violent public protests are illegal

3) Government controls the entire mainstream media and makes it illegal for people to distribute their own newspapers until they get a permit from the government

4) Trade Unions (groups of people that negotiate better wages and working conditions) are controlled by the government

5) Strikes (Mass amount of workers refusing to go to work to act as a protest against unfair wages) are illegal

6) PAP controls most of the syllabus and curriculum in both state and private schools

7) PAP has 93% of the seats in parliament and has won every general election for the past 50 years

8) Laws preferential to pro-government individuals (like opposition individuals Roy Ngerng and Teo Soh Lung getting arrested for violating cooling off day but not PAP members Tin Pei Ling and Vivian Balakrishnan. Or Amos Yee (Me) getting arrested for ‘intending to wound religious feelings’ but not youth PAP member Jason Neo who committed the same offence

9) Government has arrested individuals who threatened the Government’s power (like imprisoning over 30 members of the barisan sosialis (popular opposition group) for up to 17 years by falsely accusing them of being ‘Violent Communists’ under operation coldstore in 1963, and imprisoning 22 opposition supporters in by falsely accusing them of being ‘violent Marxists’ for months under operation spectrum in 1987

Singapore is a dictatorship. Singapore is a dictatorship. Singapore is a dictatorship

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