Dear Ass Editors,

I came across this Stomped photo on facebook. The poster says that they found an ang mo pretending to sleep on the train and accused him of faking sleep to sit on the priority seat.

When I take a look at the picture, I saw that the ang mo man is very old already and looks very tired. He should not be accused of faking sleep and stomped. You see the way he bent over and you can tell he is very tired.

A forum poster say that this ang mo is old enough to be an elderly and should have the priority seat. But some people on facebook still commenting that he should not sit on the priority seat and should be standing as he is a man.

Someone even wrote this on the hardwarezone forum: “AMDK sleeping: he’s tired, must have been working too hard. Sinkie sleeping: Chee bye stop pretending, disgrace, who cares if you’re tired, everyone else also tired.”

What is this Singapore coming to? Can’t we give all elderly regardless of race to sit on the priority seat?

A.S.S. Contributor

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