It was reported that bogus contractors have been targeting the elderly in public housing estates.

These impostors tend to operate during office hours when the elderly are likely to be at home alone. The bogus contractors would pretend that they are sent by the Housing Development Board (HDB). They would offer repair works such as the replacement of doors, rubbish chute covers or sewage pipes, installing security systems and repairing spalling concrete or leaking ceilings.

Some contractors even appear in estates with ongoing upgrading or construction works to make unsuspecting home-owneers pay for renovation works that they do not need.

One of the tactics used by these bogus contractors is to pressure the elderly into thinking that they will be fined by HDB if the “renovation/repair” works are not carried out.

The HDB is working with the police and the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) to issue warning posters around the island.

Since March about 2000 such posters have been put up. They are also displayed at all 21 HDB branches and newly completed developments, blocks undergoing upgrading and blocks where complaints have been received.

When in doubt, call HDB at 1800-225-5432 to check. Share this with the elderly in your homes.

Find out how to identify an HDB-appointed contractor:

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