Firstly I would like share the following as I am just a married lady who is very unhappy with all these prc ladies using TCM as a brothel and hooking up with married guys and causing marriage breakup. I had tried reporting to the police and still waiting for responses from them. They are all in town near Chinatown MRT, Tanjong Pagar MRT and Bugis MRT.

Firstly, the existence of these shops under the name of TCM (traditional Chinese medical centre) had been very long for almost 2 years or more and surprisingly police had raided the places very often and caught prcs performing vice activities but they are still allowed to carry on business.

Secondly, the business had been so good that within a short period of time, the boss is able to many shops. You can take a look at the name card of the shop which states that it used to have 3 shops and now become four. They are publishing so openly in wechat, sex forum such as sammyboyforum and other locanto all those. you can see from my posting they way they advertise are all through nude pictures of the ladies and even showing all the private parts.

In wechat the lady female boss even openly saying what sort of services are provided. however most had been deleted but I manage to screenshot.

Thirdly, I am surprise that Ministry of Manpower are not doing anything to them and if these prc ladies are on social visit pass, tourist visa pass or student visa to work for them.

Please take a look at all the information I had given you and I look forward to the news report of this. For your information, the boss of these 4 shop are the same and he, claims he does not know what is going on behind the close door.

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