Driver left me stranded by the road??! And I was charged for the uncompleted trip!

I am writing in to detail my completely distasteful experience with your driver and the support made available to Grab customers.

The Driver

Mr driver apparently has no idea what Grabshare was about or how it even works. He picked me from Compassvale Bow and less than 30 seconds into the trip, he started complaining about the whole day getting $5 trips (Grabshare promo) and not able to earn, etc. I ignored his silent grumblings as he drove us towards Punggol Road.

Shortly after, he received a call from, (I figured from his conversation), the second passenger who was supposed to share the trip. Driver shouted into phone asking the caller who is he, where is he, and after much confusion, exclaimed that he didn’t know about such booking and hanged the call.

It was then he suddenly realizes that he was supposed to pick a second passenger but did not. So he pulled over to a bus stop along Punggol Road, saying to check which location the other passenger was at. Okay, so we stopped there for a minute while he checked the phone.

He looked to be having problems with the app and was mumbling complaints throughout. Especially on the $5 fare promo and how the trips are only a waste of time and money. He got frustrated after some meddling and suddenly burst out loudly that he is not taking the trip anymore.

I tried explaining to him that yes passengers are charged $5 as promotion but Grab would be reimbursing drivers separately. However he refuses to listen, saying that he don’t know and doesn’t care and will not be sending me to Sembawang for a miserable $5.

Feeling ridiculous, I confronted him that he has accepted my booking on the Grabpromo, and I have already boarded, so he is obliged to send me to my destination. Still he refused and insisted that he will not continue the journey. I am appalled by what was happening, by such rudeness and irresponsibility displayed by a private service provider.

Seeing that he has no intention of honouring the trip, I alighted with a clear mind to report this immediate incident. However, the hotline 65703925 was a dead line which I can’t even get connected to. Then I received the e-receipt charging me $5 and the driver had left.

So I was charged for a trip not completed, left upset and abandoned by an unfamiliar road, running late for my appointment and yet having to waste more time waiting for another driver. It took me more than an hour by Grab to finally reach Sembawang?? Not only time, but money too as I have just utilized my second limit redemption of the Grabshare promo (once in the morning) and having to pay for a full fare ride back to my destination.

This episode has caused me great inconvenience, unhappiness, and more so, unnecessary trouble to have to report this in writing. Not just on the service attitude of your drivers, but also on the problem of those drivers having no proper knowledge or guidance on Grab services to be on the road fetching passengers.

Although Grabshare is a new option released only recently, I trust you would agree that drivers themselves should at least understand how this new service works and be aware of the promotions that was rolled out. It is unbeliveable that someone like Mr driver above be allowed to fetch passengers on Grabshare without even having the basic knowledge! And his attitude especially leaves much to be desired. I mean, chasing passengers off the car, seriously? Plus the fact that he has no idea there are incentives given for every Grabshare trip on top of the $5 promo fare? Could this even be staged in order for him to “rob” more money out of passengers, since the amount was so small and most would’ve let it passed.

Even though is a small amount, I think I should the community should not be afraid to stand up and lodge a complain to the driver who took the money and did not deliver the service.

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