Thought of the Day

It has been a very busy day for me but yet, has some interesting issues to ponder about.

I was on a friend’s car when the radio started to make some silly announcement over the PARKING COUPONS saga!

It said that drivers will be given a “warning” if they did not display the latest “NEW 60 cent/$1.20 coupon”! My friend, as a driver and owner of the car, was fuming while I laughed.

My friend told me almost all petrol stations in Singapore ran out of new parking coupons! Worse still, the petrol stations were unable to exchange the old coupons into money because they were short of cash (hey, most people pay by nets or credit cards at petrol stations!) !

So, drivers ended up unable to exchange their old coupons for money and at the same time they couldn’t buy any New Coupons! It is such a big screw up!

And instead of owning up to such a big screw up in implementation of the MORE Expensive parking coupons, these buggers at URA/HDB actually has no shame to issue “WARNINGS” to drivers for unable to display the proper new coupons! What a joke! They should be issuing an apology instead!

These bloody scholars and civil servants are really useless up there! It is easy to make announcement and wanting to charge higher parking fees but don’t they really have a brain on how to implement it seamlessly? Didn’t they go through strategic scenario planning before implementation? Didn’t they even know the potential cashflow problem that petrol stations will face with such arrangement? Couldn’t they just make sure they have printed ENOUGH parking coupons to be sold IN ADVANCED before the implementation date?

What has happened to our “World Class” government? I guess they are just OVERPAID civil servants and Ministers with little substance, who can’t even get a simple implementation of new parking coupons right!

After witnessing how SAF screws up on the transportation of their critical military assets and now this silly parking coupon saga, I am really worried about this OVERPAID untalented “No Class Government” screwing up big time when the REAL BIG Crisis comes one day….

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