There is a flagrant Manpower violation that happened this year.

On the 11th May 2016, S.R.T. Cruz had an interview with a HR from Kerry Consulting Pte Ltd. She helped him obtain an interview for the position of Digital Media Manager with Kimberly Clark on the 13th May 2016. On the following week, Kimberly Clark offered S. the job. On the 31st May 2016, Kimberly Clark applied for an employment pass for S (Application number A310516938892). This application was rejected because they did not post the position on the WDA Job Board and they did not attempt to see if there were any suitable Singaporeans candidates that fit the role first.

Kimberly Clark violated MOM’s rules. They had NO INTENTION of first interviewing or looking for Singaporean applicants first which is what the WDA job board is intended for, to help Singaporeans get priority in jobs that are based in Singapore.

After S. first application for his employment pass was rejected, Kimberly Clark posted the job opening on the WDA job board, waited for 14 days then they reapplied for Sebastian’s employment pass on the 23rd June 2016. (Application number A230616012164) The application was approved on the 27th June 2016. Kimberly Clark had NO INTENTION to interview Singaporeans for the role. They posted the role on WDA job board just so that they can apply for his employment pass successfully.

This is a flagrant violation of all MOM rules. S. had already signed the contract with Kimberly Clark on the 18th May 2016. He had already resigned from his previous company on the 23rd May 2016, long before the job listing was posted on the WDA Job Board and one entire month before they applied for his employment pass. (2nd application for his employment pass was the 27th June 2016) HE HAD ALREADY SIGNED THE CONTRACT WITH KIMBERLY CLARK ONE MONTH BEFORE THEY POSTED THE JOB LISTING ON WDA JOB BOARD.

Flagrant violations like this need to be investigated and nipped in the bud. Big MNCs cannot openly flout our rules at their own whim and fancy.

Singaporeans should have priority for jobs based in Singapore. This should be actionable and not just some lip service to placate Singaporeans.

When Singaporeans wonder why they are not getting interviews or jobs, this is the REAL reason why they are not even being considered. The companies have already offered the jobs to foreigners and any listing on WDA job boards is just for show and to fulfill the 14 day requirement so that they can successfully apply for the employment pass for their desired candidate.

I hope MOM can investigate this incident and address this violation expeditiously. Since the employment pass was obtained by cheating the system, it should be cancelled immediately and Kimberly Clark needs to definitely prove that they have legitimately tried to interview and source for a candidate locally and only after they cannot find a local candidate can they turn to a foreigner. They cannot hire a foreigner and then play the system to suit their purposes, which is exactly what they have done this time round.

Singapore jobs for Singaporeans first. If our own government won’t protect Singaporeans’ interests, who will?

Singapore for Singaporeans
A.S.S. Contributor

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