Sze Kai Xuan, 23, posted on early this year that he would bomb “City Hall” on 14 January. His message prompted the Public Transport Security Command of the Singapore Police Force to despatch 95% of their manpower to respond to this threat.

Sze, a former marketing executive, admitted to posting the message under the user name Constantine S: “Today is the day everyone, cherish it before I bomb City Hall.”

The officers were despatched to 18 MRT stations along all MRT lines to look out for suspicious objects or persons. They conducted several checks and joint foot patrols at the stations but were unable to find any evidence of the threat.

The police were on “heightened alert” then because of the Jakarta bombing attacks that occurred at 11.40AM on that same day. Police officers received a report about Sze’s post at 12.35PM, less than an hour apart from the attacks in Indonesia.

The judge took into account the resources expended in investigating the false bomb threat, which affected their day-to-day shift duties.

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