Dear Editor,

I have been a regular reader of a local tech blog named Tech in Asia, which is founded by a Singaporean. Lately, there was an article – – that they published about one of their software engineers based in Singapore.

Apparently he is a Malaysian. Though there is nothing wrong with Singaporean companies hiring foreigners, I was curious why such a blog that does not deal with advanced technology requires the skills of foreigners. Hence, I left a comment on that article.

A few people chipped in. One of them is someone by the name of Ian Tan, whom is one of their staff working as a Web Engineer. He made personal attacks at me and accused me of trolling:

“How many asinine comments do you need to make before you get tired of trolling? Chee aun is here because he’s a fucking good dev; not because of nationality or salary or other factors. That’s it. If you would actually spend your time on more productive endeavours (viz., not making inane comments anonymously), you might not actually need to be so salty about losing your dead end job to a foreigner. I get that it sucks to be a loser. It must hurt you. I can empathize. But I believe in you Isaac. I’m sure you can make something of yourself one day. “

His comment is uncalled for. Don’t they have any manners to treat their readers with respect?

FYI, their startup have a lot of venture capital funding, see here – Surely they ought to educate their employees to behave in a civilized manner.

This will be the last time I’m visiting their site.

By the way, some time ago, a company by the name of had an employee who made disparaging remarks –

A.S.S. Contributor

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