Hello my name is A. and I am a thai girl working in disco to earn money for my family and son back in Thailand. I last time work singapore club but because some things now I work in malaysia.

I want people to know that work as thai girl in disco is no a bad thing. I willing dance man willing give money for flower and LD, we no steal no rob. Is my body and even if I were less clothes is still my body. If I can use body to earn money for family and son, is no bad thing.

I want people to no look down on thai girls, no call us bad words, say we break up people family. Yes we all drink with your boyfriend and your husband, yes we some time go out with them hanky panky. but if they no willing we no force them. we no bad girl. if you no keep your man properly is no our fault so no say us bad. i got son at home need take care.

i am thai girl and i proud of it.

Proud Thai Girl
A.S.S. Contributor

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