Dear Editor,

I would like to share my experience at SQ check-in counters both at Singapore, HK and Korea within these 3 months of my travel.

At the SQ check-in counters in Singapore, I noticed most of the staff are foreigners (mostly pinoys). I’m fine with that. However, I have never heard any of them greeting the passengers at their counters politely at all. For instance, I have not come across a staff who greet the passengers “Good morning Sir/Mdm. How may I help you?” This basic courtesy gestures seem to be missing. It makes me wonder is there any basic protocol in addressing and providing quality service to passengers who are checking in at their counters.

In contrary, my experiences with HK and Korean airports SQ counters staff are much better. They are true blue hongkongers and Korean who speak excellent English and managing the counters well. They address the passengers politely and even greet and thank the passengers at their counters.

As Changi Airport is investing millions in ramping up their hardware, it is timely for them to examine their heartware to see if their personnel are providing that basic service to passengers. There is a need to conduct quality service check at counters and passenger satisfaction surveys etc.

Even with the best hardware Changi Airport has, lack of heartware in their service will result in losing out to top airports in the world.

Anonymous SQ Customer
A.S.S Editor

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