A netizen on Reddit, who says she is an American who served time in Singapore’s women-only prison for writing bad cheques, has related what it’s like to survive the place.

She wrote on Reddit: “Hi, so I am kind of curious, as an American woman who spent time in jail here, to hear about the experiences of anyone who may have done time in what seems to be the women’s prison of Singapore. I do not judge; just curious! Would love to hear what you have to say :)”

Many Redditers did not share their own experience, but instead bombed her with many of their own questions.

When asked about whether it was a difficult experience to live in the prison, she said: “It was very difficult, many of the other women were mentally unstable and had to keep an eye out at all times.”

She said she was not beaten or starved, but had to strip searched and had to squat and cough several times a day as part of regular procedure.

“We had to do the “squat and cough” thing, lol. The relationships between the women were sometimes similar, although sometimes there was a lot more direct anger. We didn’t have any aggressive or creepy COs, though. For the better, obviously.”

“Every single time we step out of our cell, we will be strip searched before going back in. Take off our clothes, squat, get up, raise our hands, show them the soles of our feet, and even do a few star jumps if I remember correctly.”

“The squat and cough thing sucked. The room they did it in literally smelled like butt from all the women they had doing it lol.”

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