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Why is there so much bad news ever since LKY passed away?

Ever since LKY passed away in 2015 and PAP won a landslide victory because of sympathy, all these things have happened:

1) Economy sinks into recession, many singaporeans get retrenched and fresh grads struggle to find jobs. Meanwhile FTs continue to steal jobs.

2) David Ong becomes horny and has affair, necessitating a by-election in Bukit Batok. By-election is easily won by Ah Mu and nobody hears of him since then.

3) Potential future prime minister Heng Swee Heat has a stroke and is lucky to survive. He has been out of action since May 2016. There are doubts if he can still be the next PM.

4) Just as our PM Lee is talking about fixing Tan Cheng Bock and changing the rules for the presidential election, PAP’s longest serving president dies. Another state funeral is held, just one year after LKY’s death.

5) PM Lee suddenly collapses at the National Day Rally in August while Singaporeans are all watching. The incident is dismissed as him fainting.

6) PM Lee bets the TPP on Clinton winning. He is very wrong and the result is the election of Trump who promises to get rid of the TPP as soon as he gets into office.

7) PM Lee fails to salvage the TPP as most countries are now concerned about anti-immigrant sentiments in their own backyard.

8) PM Lee talks too much about the south china sea issue and diplomatic ties with China become rather strained, culminating in China seizing Singapore’s 9 Terrex vehicles at Hong Kong. Till now they have not succeeded in getting the vehicles back. Some military secrets have fallen into a hostile country’s hands.

9) Punggol East PAP MP Charles Chong is hospitalized after a ‘planned medical procedure’ and has been given 2 months of medical leave. The PAP does not reveal any information on what caused his medical condition or how serious it is.

Why did so many bad things happen within 1 year of PAP winning the election after the famous old man’s demise?

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