I first met K at Fairprice while shopping for groceries with my son. Long story short, I’m the legal guardian of my nephew when his parents passed away in an accident as I am his only NOK. I have been taking care of Alex for almost 3 years now. He’s 6 years old now and he calls me daddy.

Alex ran into K when I was chasing him. He was holding a cereal box which I won’t buy for him. I apologize profusely. K just smiled and said its okay. The next weekend, by chance I bumped into him again. We made small talk and found out that he’s stay in the same condo as me, just different block. I didn’t think much about him at that time, beside the fact that he’s friendly and cute but straight.

We continue bumping into each other at the supermarket and one day, he asked me and Alex to come over to his place for dinner. I declined at first because I said I don’t want to trouble him, then he said I could make something and bring over. Pot-luck style. I made konyakku jelly. My favourite dessert and also because it’s lazy people dessert. Boil-throw freshly cut fruits / canned fruits into the mix and into the mould.

Over dinner, we chatted more. When he asked if I am a divorcee, I laughed and said I am single guy and then I explained about how Alex came into my life. As Alex giggled in front of the tv watching some cartoons, we had wine and chat more. Then the questions start to be more personal, do I have a girlfriend, what do I do for a living … it must have been the wine because I blurted out that I am not into girls.

As the words came out, I regretted it. I waited for his reaction and he just smiled and said he’s playing for the same team also. We started hanging out more often after that day. Few months down the road, we became closer and one day, he asked me to be his boyfriend. I was surprised because not many people that I’ve met would understand my situation:

I am in my prime years (31years old this year) and I come as a 1+1 package. It has been almost 2 years since we are together and I have been thinking of asking him to move in with me.

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