I always use the posting boxes located outside the Serangoon Central post office (Block 261 Serangoon Central). On many occasions I found the posting boxes was filled to the top and one could easily remove item from posting boxes, that is one could steal from these posting boxes easily, there are no cameras monitoring the posting boxes. I told the post office counter staff about this, but they simply acknowledge the situation but did not do anything to clear the posting boxes.

I have lost my parcel twice when using the posting boxes and that prompts me to take this video to show how one could easily remove item from the posting boxes. I have also notice similar over filling posting box situation at Lim Ah Pin Road Post Office and Macpherson Road Post Office. As this two post office locations are very quiet during the night, it make them easy target for theft if the posting boxes are filled to the top.

With the online shopping gaining popularity and many people are now sending large parcel via Singapore Post posting boxes, I feel that the current design of the Singpost posting boxes are not able to cope with these trends. The posting boxes located along the road side usually have a very small rectangular opening (the opening have been the same size since 1970 till now) that only allow mails thinner than 2.5cm to be posted, thus once could not post larger parcel into these road side posting boxes and have to post them at the at the posting boxes located outside the post offices (which have a larger opening).

This is in-convenience to the consumer as one have to take a bus to the post office to post the bigger items and this also resulted in the overfilling of these posting boxes located outside the post office, and the overfilling enable one to easily steal from these positing boxes. Singpost have itself launched a series of pre-paid mailer called Smartpack and PolyM to cater for larger parcels, but Singpots failed to improve on the design of the posting boxes to cater for this larger mailer, and thus resulted in the posting boxes being filled up within a short time by this large pre-paid mailer. Singpost, please do something about this !!!


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