This morning, my 5-month-pregnant best friend got wrongfully terminated by a startup in Singapore who essentially viewed her as a liability because she is carrying a child. They have refused to pay for her maternity, and and she has sought help from the Ministry of Manpower this morning.

Here’s where I hope my network of friends, acquaintances and colleagues can help — my friend is seeking immediate part-time remote employment until she delivers her baby. She has a wealth of experience with social marketing and analytics include working intimately with all the social platforms and tools like Socialbakers and Sysomos, handling brands that include Mastercard, Mondelez (Cadbury), Singapore Airlines and Smoothie King.

She is also open to other part-time, or remote employment. DM me if you have leads (or if you’re a journo who wants to do a story on this messed up company she worked for).

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