Hi ,

I received a Notice of Traffic Offense from LTA recently. I have up load the notice.

It states that i have parked my car at a taxi stand.

I totally agree that parking at taxi stand is an offense.However i was merely dropping and picking up my passenger.

It took me less than 10 seconds.I am a Uber driver too.

LTA have approved Uber and Grab to operate in Singapore but when we pick up or drop passenger in taxi stands they start to summons us??

As you can see in the summon, the location mention is ALONG MARINA BOULEVARD.at around 4.18pm on a Friday. As uber driver, riders and other road user safety is my highest priority. When a rider request a trip standing at the taxi stands. Where else can we go and pick them up?

And also especially in CBD area it is the safest place to stop and pick the passengers.rather than stopping along the road side. Even that is an offense.So I’m not sure where else can we pick and drop passengers.

Most of the time when a rider cannot get a taxi, standing at the taxi stand or if the Q is very long they call for Uber and Grab. So it is not practical to ask them to walk to any pick up point in any buildings nearby.

Not sure if this summon was captured by a CCTV camera or LTA warden. We are a easy target for LTA. I’m sure many of my brothers and sisters who are Uber and Grab drivers encountered the same problem.

A lot of my fellow mates are driving for many hours to earn a decent income but end up paying LTA for this type of very unreasonable summons.

I have appealed to LTA to to reconsider and waive this summon,but no high hopes.

Hope LTA would look into this matter and be flexible.

A.S.S Contributor

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