As the year draws to a close, it is a good time to take stock and prepare for challenges in the coming year and beyond.

Shared my thoughts at the PAP Party Conference this morning. Major changes are taking place in the world. They impact not just individual countries, but also the wider international order that Singapore depends on. Developed countries are turning inward, and becoming more nativist and protectionist. This trend will have serious consequences for small, open countries like Singapore.

In this difficult environment, we must continue to improve the lives of Singaporeans. We must equip Singaporeans with the skills to take care of themselves, help workers re-skill and upgrade through SkillsFuture, and strengthen social safety nets to provide more support for our aging population.

We are entering a period of great uncertainty. For Singapore to remain prosperous, strong and united, our policies must bring all Singaporeans closer together.

We can overcome our challenges and take Singapore forward if we continue to work together as one.

You can watch my full speech by clicking on the link below. – LHL

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