The PIE is a hot topic amongst my police friends. This expressway is a little different from the rest of the expressways in Singapore. Why? Lets touch a bit on the histroy, The PIE was built in the 60s… is a damn old expressway…It was the first expressway to be built and pan across the entire island…hence pan island. When this expressway was going to be built..they have to cut through this hill called kopi hill which has some stories itself(that will be for another day). Anyway the story has it that because the hill was split into half….the PIE is cursed. Shall not go into the kopi hill story but the entire hill used to be used for tombs….why? Hearsay the Indonesians who used to live here many hundreds years ago…practiced black magic there and didn’t clean up properly…and that area is jinx…and to counter the bad fengshui..they used it for tombs…..Anyway that’s not the story I’m going to tell today…

The story is about..there is a spot on PIE which is somewhat ‘cursed’. Cursed because according to accident report data from decades….this spot on PIE seems to have clocked a higher accident rate than the rest of the entire expressway. What’s spooky is..when my policeman friend who is considered a newbie flip through the statements…the drivers seem to give similar statements. This spot is a beginning of an ascend with a slight curve to the left. Apparently a lot of drivers say…when they were about to hit the beginning of the climb..something like a force seems to push their car on the left and make them fly towards the center divider….This spot is an extremely hot spot for accidents apparently. It is not the camera spot(eng neo) but quite near to it.

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