I strongly suspect that the complete shutdown of Singtel’s Fibre Broadband service yesterday and earlier today (Sunday) was the result of an attack by the Chinese government as a form of punishment for Singapore’s non-cooperation and adherence to China’s One-China policy by our military partnership and training in Taiwan recently.

If one refers to this article:

You can see quite clearly the statement I quote, “The incident with the armoured troop carriers “adds to the suspicion” that Singapore is working against the “one China” principle, said the commentary, which threatened punitive measures that would “profoundly impact Singapore’s economy”.

The “punitive measures that would profoundly impact Singapore’s economy” are none other than the disruption of one of our biggest ISP’s causing country-wide shutdown of Singtel’s fibre broadband services. This attack came just days after the Terrex incident and also is the biggest disruption that one of our ISPs had experienced in a while.

This is not a coincidence, but an act of war from China against Singapore!

A.S.S. Contributor

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