“Don’t be afraid, be brave and speak up for yourself,” said the victim of this stalking case. Her stalker, a former Lieutenant Colonel with the SCDF, Goh Wee Hong, had asked her to be his “friends with benefits.” In an interview with mainstream media, the victim accused Goh of “abusing his authority” and called on women not to “tolerate harassment from their bosses or clients”.

The victim is a 28-year-old woman cannot be named due to a court order.

But yesterday her stalker was cleared of stalking, under the Protection of Harrasment Act, after he read an apology in court and donated S$4,000 to two charities of her choice. The prosecution had offered this settlement upon knowledge of “further developments” after several interviews with the victim. The prosecution did not give details nor say why the interviews were not done earlier.

Goh Wee Hong, 39, married with a child, reached the agreement with the female victim — who had accused him of making sexual advances through text messages between Aug 27 and Aug 30 last year — for the matter to be dropped in return for some form of compensation. In compunding his offence, Goh will not get a criminal record.

The victime had befriended Goh when she worked as a vendor for SCDF last year. After she made the police report in Sept 2015, Goh resigned from the service.

In his apology, Goh said: “I should not have sent you said text messages and I am extremely sorry for the effect they had on you. I am deeply remorseful of my actions and hope that you can accept my apology.”

He had also donated S$2,000 each to the Association of Women for Action and Research, and the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled for Singapore, under the settlement terms.

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