In modern battles, the opponent who rules the airwaves has the decisive advantage. We have many professionals in DSTA Defence Science and Technology Agency and DSO National Laboratories who spend a good part of their careers becoming experts in this field. So when our Circle Line had problems with signal interference, it presented an opportunity for them to help and put their expertise to good use.

DSTA engineers Mui Whye Kee and Cheng Heng Ngom (who won the Defence Technology Prize this year and last year respectively), Benedict Koh, and the DSO team led by Chian Teck Keong assisted LTA to get to the source of the problem.

They first showed that radio signals could indeed disrupt trains. But where were the rogue signals coming from? Like good detectives, they analysed the clues, eliminated other suspects and caught the culprit – train PV46 carrying faulty hardware.

That just one “rogue” train could jam the entire system shows the importance of electronic warfare and I’m glad we have the experts to defend us.

(Photo: DSTA engineers Cheng Heng Ngom, Wong Rong Fah, Benedict Koh and Mui Whye Kee (left to right) are part of the core team that helped trace the source of the train issue.)

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