The courts have charged SMRT Trains Ltd, one of its directors and a former employee, who was with the two deceased SMRT trainees on the date of the accident, guilty of offences under the Workplace Safety and Health Act and the Penal Code.

SMRT was charged with failing its duty as an employer to take measures necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees at work so far as is reasonably practicable. SMRT Chief Technology Officer Ng Bor Kiat received the charge on behalf of the company.

One of its directors, Teo Wee Kiat, was charged under the act as under the act, when a corporation commits an offence, an officer of this body shall be guilty of the offence and be liable to be punished.

According to the law, anybody found guilty under this Act and has no penalty expressly provided shall be liable to a fine not more than S$200,000 or jail of up to two years, or both. If it is the case of a corporate body, the fine is up to S$500,000.

Lim Say Heng, the technician who stood ahead of the two trainees when the accident took place, was charged with causing death by a negligent act under the Penal Code.

Lim was the person in charge of the work party accessing the train tracks that day, and he failed to ensure that the necessary safety measures were in place to make sure trains do not enter the train track while they were there, according to the charge sheet. He was one of two employees sacked in September.

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