Ayunda Lestari Dayuki, 24, punched her employer’s 2 year-old son after she got into an argument with her employer. She was jailed 4 months for ill treating the child at her employer’s Bukit Batok flat on 22 September 2016.

She also admitted to hitting the boy’s head with a wooden toilet brush.

Ayunda had started working for the family in September last year.

On 21 September, her employer checked her home’s CCTV and found the maid sleeping in the living room while she was out at work, instead of taking care of the 2 year-old boy. Her employer called her up and scolded her for sleeping.

The next day, her husband discovered a reddish mark and swelling on the back of the boy’s head.

Investigations found that Ayunda had hit the boy on the head when he refused to bath and started to cry. She punched the back of his head 3 times and used a toilet brush to hit his head.

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