Ok maybe hostage taking might be an overstatement, but make no mistake this was china flexing its arms at us in an attempt to show us who’s boss. Much like how our government likes to raid the houses of people who might not fall in line, this was basically what china was doing. I hope this shows singaporeans that what might be legal might be always be ethical or morally right, or at the very least nice.

But one has to admit the irony is uncanny, when roy and soh lung spoke up on cooling off day they got their house raided and stuff taken away, when singapore spoke up against china about the south china sea territorial dispute they took our terrex away. The government is being bullied the same way they build it’s citizens.

This has created some pretty funny situations, because now the singapore government needs to carefully try to mend ties with china. In the 21century this will not be an easy task our singapore internet brigade made up of pro pap internet trolls has already clashed with the china 50cent army. This will only fuel the current hate singaporeans already have against PRCs living here.

Will the government be able to keeps it’s trolls on their leash? Or will be get another instance of the government punishing its fananticts like when jason chua from fabrications about the PAP got arrested for commenting on cooling off day?

Only time will tell because when two authoritarian countries clash the sandstorm of bullshit propaganda will only continue to grow.

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