Dear editor,

Today, I went over to people’s park center for lunch and was smoking in my car while driving. I parked my car, my ending cigarette is lighted but wasn’t smoking and was walking to the lift dustbin to throw the butt.

I was stopped by this Indian lady which I was five more steps to the dustbin to throw the butt. She accused me for smoking in the car park. She showed me her pass in a flash n the other man did not. I told her and show her the cigarette butt that I can’t be smoking the ending cigarette butt but she refused to listen. I told her many times that I did not smoke as its a ending cigarette butt and it’s useless. The man starts standing closing and the lady threatens me to call the police. I told her I have. I record of smoking or throwing litter before and she lied to me that she will check or she will call the police and the man stands closer and to threaten me.

I have no choice but to give her my IC and she just goes ahead and happily issuing me a summon.

Is this the way that NEA works of threthening and hassling and lying for asking my ic and as I mentioned I m throwing my butt and not smoking?

I felt harassed and hassled and conned into giving my ic.

And the guy next to her did not open his mouth but coming nearer and nearer to hassle and looks stone.

I did not like the way that authority was given and they are abusing it. I told them I did not but they insist like calling me a liar!

Ms Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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