61 year-old Tan Ah Lai was fined $25,000 after he pleaded guilty to 50 charges of selling food without a license between April and November this year, and 100 other charges take into consideration for sentencing last Monday.

The National Environment Agency said that it had caught the fruit seller hawking his goods in illegal stalls around Singapore several times and issued him a courts summons, but he ignored all of them. His stalls were found at MRT stations all over Singapore, from Woodlands, Admiralty, Clementi, Sembawang, Bedok, Yew Tee and 7 other locations around Serangoon Road.

Food vendors have to obtain a license from the Director General of Public Health to sell their goods.

On one occasion in June this year, Tan and his accomplices tried to intimidate NEA officers sent to catch him. Police had to be called in and the group was given a warning.

He was arrested more than a week ago on 20 November.

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