I’m currently seventeen. I was born in Singapore and moved to America when I was around a year old. I’ve been raised in America my whole life. I spent two months in Singapore five years ago, and spent two months again in Singapore this year to sort out everything pertaining to citizenship.

In May 2017, I will have to leave America and go back to Singapore to serve NS. As time goes on, I’m becoming increasingly worried about how people will treat me in terms of my race and ethnicity. I’m hoping someone here will either alleviate or validate my fears, so that I’ll know what to expect.

I have an American accent, I don’t speak any Asian languages, and I have an American surname. I’ve been told I look Asian, but I’m not entirely sure what ethnicity I look like. My mother is Malay, however. Taking these qualities into mind, how can I expect to be treated? Specifically, I’m interested in whether it will it be easier or more difficult for me to make friends, and whether or not I’ll have a chance in the dating scene.

Thanks for taking a look at my post, reader. If you have any advice for getting through NS or just advice on preparing for it, I’d greatly appreciate that too. Take care, and thanks again.

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