Dear ASS and Readers,

This is my worst experience I had with Grab Car, it makes me wonder does Grab Company even “QC” their driver.

Booked a Grab Car on 28/11 for my Mum to an appointment at TTSH. Upon Grab confirmation of the driver, as part of courtesy I gave the driver a ring and told him that he will be picking up my handicap (slight stroke) mum and our household maid. Upon arriving he didn’t saw my mum waiting at the void deck hence she gave me a call, which I politely request him to wait for a few mins due to my mum disability. Eventually my mum got on the car and he ranted about how long he actually waited for them, at that moment all my mum could do was to kept silence.

Upon arriving at the destination, I went up to the Grab Car and wanted to apologize for the long wait at the pickup point. He rolled down his windshield and I was completely taken aback by when he said “2 STUPID WOMEN” (Referring to my mum and maid). I was really pissed at that point of time and wanted to confront him but he just roll back up his windshield and drove off.

No one wants would wish to be a handicap and no feeling could be worst then, being a burden to others. If you’re so smart such words wouldn’t even come out of your mouth. Remember what comes around goes around.

Grab Car Information,
Name: Lee Ah Ha
Car Type: Nissan Sunny (Silver)
Car Plate: SLC 1655 C

P/S: I’ve already opened a case with Grab, let’s see how well they handle this. All I wasted is an apology from the driver for what he have said said.


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