Dear Editors,

China has now flexed it muscles to teach Singapore a lesson by confiscating our terrexes. It wants Singapore to abide by the one China policy STRICTLY and will no longer tolerate our long standing military exercises conducted in Taiwan.

At this point in time, it does not matter if you hate the PAP or voted WP, SDP or NSP. It really does not matter. This is China's challenge to Singapore and we have to unite against this bullying Dragon.

China confiscates our tanks but sad to say instead of rising up against China's bullying antics, some Singaporeans have chosen to turn against one another and slammed Singapore for standing up to China. It is pathetic behaviour. Where are the balls you claim to have when voting for Opposition? This is what a true Singaporean Opposition supporter does, we are patriots first, politics second! We should unite and tell China to stop infringing in our sovereignty and push us over.

I do not like the PAP but it is really sad to see all these Sinkie Pawn Sinkie happening, some cowards even urge Singapore to apologise and kowtow to China. Where is your patriotism? Last time Singapore stood up to the USA over Micheal Fay, now it is time to stand up to China over terrex.

If Singapore bows down to China this time, Singapore will forever lose China's respect as a country who will bend backwards when a Giant pushes us. Time to set aside our difference and give a loud resounding FUCK YOU to China. It's the least we can do as Singaporeans.

Bruce (Singapore First, Politics Second)

A.S.S. Contributor

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