PAP started believing its own propaganda years ago and this had led to Lee Kuan Yew proclaiming Singapore’s ability to punch above its own weight. Feel good factor to many blur sotongs but the fact remains:

A small country = a small country. Singapore has to tread extremely carefully, cannot afford to be a loose cannon like some ex NMP.

Although PAP has access to hundreds of billions from our CPF and reserves, we must remember that money can only buy fair-weather friends.

It was not the ability to punch above our weight that produced a ‘vibrant’ economy as LKY claimed: it was at the expense of locals whose wages have been depressed, retirees who cannot retire even uncomfortably, elderly slogging till their last breath, massive infrastructure screw ups, etc. LKY was merely talking cock and the MSM was rope in to magnify PAP’s echo chamber.

The echo chamber effect has convinced PAP elites that it is their birthright to shoot from the hip, never mind not only what peasants think but even superpowers.

And so our PM has started to lecture superpowers as if there are no consequences. PM Lee not only stepped on China’s toes but congratulated Donald Trump in a manner unbefitting a head of state link. Still buay song, his lecture continued after the APEC summit. link Who’s next? Which country needs unsolicited advice from Singaporean aristocrats?

PAP elites have to be mindful because other countries are watching and may respond at the opportune moment. And it appears one such moment has arrived – Singapore just kena punched from China all because PM Lee couldn’t control his gap.

When will China return the nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles? link Will China make us go down on our knees?.

China is one country which PAP should not play play. China is a much bigger of PAP: PAP only draws the rules in our country but China does it on the global stage and has already rejected the international tribunal’s ruling in the South China Sea dispute.

If international ruling could be ignored, domestic legislations could also be rewritten. Besides the confiscation of our military equipment, what’s more at risk is the more than $100 billion of our reserves – including CPF funds – which have been invested in China.

Will China bully Singapore the way PAP bullies citizens? Will PAP be bitten by the bitch Karma?

Our aristocrats should bear in mind that they should not treat superpowers as if they are docile Singaporeans who are easy to makan.

‘If you don’t talk, nobody says you are dumb’ was my mother’s advice decades ago. If Diplomacy for Idiots is demeaning to our scholars, then perhaps they should heed my mother’s advice. 9 Terrex vehicles and billions of our reserves are now at risk.

Singapore must tread very carefully, don’t anyhow trumpet our ‘success’ because of self inflated wealth, don’t kaypoh in other’s affairs and there’s no need to lecture much more powerful countries. Or we risk getting punched again.

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