Dear ASS,

I have a very disturbing story to share. My usual Sunday morning routine is to da bao breakfast from the hawker center that is close by my home. Once I am done getting my breakfast, I will walk back home and I will without fail walk pass toa payoh lor 8 block 214. I have to walk into block 214 void deck in order for me to get home.

Every week as I repeat my Sunday morning routine I will always encounter an old uncle who every time I pass that void deck would always hold his phone in a landscape view and hold it up in my direction.

So for weeks I always thought that it was just my imagination that he is filming me, but today on 27 November 2016 I decided to confirm my suspicions.

As I was walking toward the lor 8 block 214 void deck, as usual I saw him there holding up his phone in my direction. So I decided to walk in to block 214 from a different direction. He immediately moved his position and walk toward the angle where he could get me in range of his camera. So I was pissed off, this guy was clearly filming me.

I decided to confront this sick bastard and I walked up to him. As I was walking toward him, he immediately put his phone down and avoided eye contact with me. I then asked him: “who the bloody hell do you think you’re filming”. He then feigned ignorance and acted as though I wasn’t there. I then demanded to see the content of his phone or I would call the police. He immediately reliquished his phone and to my horror I saw tons of videos of not only myself but other male residences around the lor 8 toa payoh residence!

I immediately told him that I wanted all those videos deleted and that if I ever see again in the toa payoh neighbourhood I’m calling the cops on him. I took his picture and he immediately went down on his knees to beg me to delete it, I just told him that the next time I see him the picture is going to the police.

I swear I really wanted to beat the living crap out of this sick bastard if I could get away with it and my career and future isn’t on the line. He’s just lucky I restrained myself all he would be in the hospital.

To all my fellow residents at toa payoh please beware of this perverted uncle.


a very traumatised resident of lor 8 toa payoh.

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