Clear and Present Dangers

Don’t say I never “help” the nation under PAP rules hor… I am totally disgusted by the White Leadership now, which is screwing up our National interests by their mismanagement of foreign diplomacy but as there are lots of public interests involved here in current saga, let me put it in CLEAR and SIMPLE terms, our idiotic Prime Minister has achieved “exceptional heights” by becoming the FIRST small fry country leader to agitate the China’s leadership so much so that they have finally fire the clear warning shots now.

The current “Terrex Saga” is just the Opening of the Prelude of something more sinister to come. The Chinese may or may not really interested in the technology embedded on this little state of the art APV Singapore has designed and built, but they sure get our guys in ST Kinetic, army and political leaders panic.

Our Prime Minister likes to lecture others, other countries big or small, under develop or developed countries on lots of things. He had lectured China on “Rule of Law” and you know what, if Chinese government is really going to go book by book, rule by rule in managing all the investments Singapore had made in China, do you know what will happen?

China is demonstrating, INDIRECTLY THROUGH HK, what RULE OF LAW could mean to Singapore if China wants to abide to PM Lee’s unsolicited advice. on Rule of Law, anything WITHIN ITS REACH, it could just play it STRAIGHT with Rule of Law. Book by book, rule by rule.

This is showing through HK, not China yet. If PM Lee wants to be “IRON TEETH”, then most probably China will escalate the “Rule of Law” to be applied to each and every investment made by GIC and Temasek plus all its GLCs!

Please remember, our GLCs aren’t that clean after all where they were found to be involved in bribery cases in other countries. You want to have Rule of Law, the Middle Finger will show you what Rule of Law means to you… Not to mention thousands of Singapore businesses and Singaporeans working there in China… I really couldn’t imagine what “Rule of Law” by China will do to all of us there!

That’s the ultimate fear I have for Singapore. Just because of some egoistic overpaid politicians from Singapore made stupid mistakes in diplomacy, thinking that they are some big shots who could “punch above their weight”, we Singaporeans will suffer.

Someone, please, shut the PM up!

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